Bowlby & Associates

Noise Analysis Training

Since May 2, 2005, the Federal Highway Administration’s Traffic Noise Model© Version 2.5 has been the required prediction model for use on Federal-aid traffic noise studies.


Our course is taught by Dr. William Bowlby, P.E., Dr. Darlene Reiter, P.E., and Mr. Geoffrey Pratt, P.E., with over 80 years of combined experience in traffic noise work.  Bowlby & Associates has trained over 1,100 professionals in the use of TNM since the program’s initial release in 1998.  Participants have come from over 50 State, Federal, local and Canadian transportation agencies, and numerous consulting firms.


Dr. Bowlby was part of the TNM development team, and led the development of a CD-based instruction tool (TNM Trainer) originally distributed with TNM by USDOT.  He and Mr. Pratt were key researchers for NCHRP Report 791, Supplemental Guidance on the Application of FHWA’s TNM. He also led FHWA studies on Sensitivity Test Case Results Comparing FHWA TNM 2.5 and TNM 3.0 and a Consistency Test Suite for TNM 3.0. Dr. Reiter has used TNM on hundreds of highway projects – many being very complex.  She and Dr. Bowlby were key researchers on recent FHWA policy studies, 23 CFR 772 Streamlining, Analysis and Outreach Phases I and II.  Mr. Pratt is also an experienced user of TNM, MicroStation©, and ArcGIS©.  We enjoy teaching and sharing our knowledge and many experiences.

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